Assurance and Accounting

Assurance & Accounting

Review engagement

Ensure the credibility of your company with compliant financial statements. .

The review engagement provides a moderate level of assurance (less than an audit) in regard to financial statements. It is appropriate when lenders, investors or other users do not require an audit of financial statements. In this case, they need a financial statement review that provides moderate assurance that you comply with Canadian generally accepted accounting standards .

Compilations engagement

Get the clear picture of your financial situation and get ready for corporate taxes.

Compilation engagements are used to prepare required annual financial statements for your organization’s management. The objective of a compilation engagement is to collect financial information that has not been examined nor audited contained in the financial statements based on information provided by the client.

Commonly used for tax purposes or internal use, the compilation does not provide any level of assurance in regard to financial statements.

Other Financial Analysis

We can help gather the required information for an unbiased financial analysis of your position and projected growth